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Maximize the Return on Your Geolog 7 Investment

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We listened to Geolog users, and have created a robust set of additional tools and features to help you get more from your data, for deeper insight into the subsurface.


Explore more with these superior optional modules:

NEW Core Analysis
  • Leverage robust new interactive core analysis and saturation height modeling features, including support for different models of different rock types.
  • A vendor-independent tool for performing multi-dimensional inversion at every depth frame and interactively identifying fluid volumes
Determin Uncertainty
  • Access the industry’s only model-based Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis module.
  • Simultaneous, multi-well analysis for determining mineral and fluid characteristics and volumes from petrophysical data and petrographic data.
Borehole image processing (Geomage)
  • Vendor-independent, advanced processing and integration of borehole image logs right at your desktop. Includes new workflows for calculation of petrophysical properties from images.
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Were you aware of these powerful additional capabilities in Geolog 7?

  • Advance your petrophysical workflows in a single integrated environment – new tools let you complete workflows without exporting to other systems.
  • Enjoy full functionality for advanced workflows with NMR data, image logs, and sonic waveform processing.
  • Get to know your reservoir with unmatched formation evaluation toolsets.
  • Enjoy a simple, ergonomic interface that makes advanced technology easier to use than ever!
  • Automatically maintain a detailed history of all changes to your well data.

These capabilities are designed to help you refine models quickly and easily. New tools let you extract maximum value from existing data, for higher performance, increased accuracy, and a more profitable bottom line.