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Geolog: Smarter, Easier E&P Analytics

Yes, I'm interested buttonWhen you consider how much is riding on your E&P decisions, shouldn’t you have the best petrophysical analysis solution available?
  • How often is productivity hindered when workarounds require you to make multiple copies of your project?
  • How does that impact the integrity of your well data?
  • Is collaboration compromised when multiple users cannot access projects remotely?
  • Does your current system allow analysis on all data from all vendors?

Only Geolog delivers:

High Efficiency – Supports multi-user environments, easy-to-use single-click access to full functionality, and the ability to manage data volumes to 100,000 wells and beyond.

Proven Science – Built on 30 years of innovation, driven by direct input from users worldwide, and constantly at the forefront of next-generation petrophysical technology.

True Independence – A proven and stable solution, with vendor-neutral logging and direct links to third-party data stores, giving you greater control over every project.

Sure, some might say you can do analytics at lower cost. But when your business depends on making better, faster and more confident decisions, you get what you pay for. An investment in Geolog delivers significantly more analytical power, superior data management, and a simpler and more convenient user interface.

The fact is, other systems simply cannot handle large prospects or big basin plays intuitively; and cut-rate solutions can't manage large volumes of well logs or multiple users. Loading and managing data in a no-frills system is time-consuming and frustrating.

So why settle for a system that cannot handle all of your well data and that does not encourage collaboration with fellow petrophysicists?

Geolog has long been recognized as the industry standard for integrated well bore data management, petrophysical analysis, and advanced formation evaluation. Demanding oil and gas organizations worldwide use Geolog to gain greater insight into their data, drive productivity, and make faster and more confident business decisions.

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Feature/Functionality Geolog Big Name System Entry-Level System
Multi-well/multi-zone processing Yes Some No
Multi-user support Yes No No
Model-based uncertainty Yes No No
Petrophysical uncertainty Yes Limited Yes
Acoustic waveform processing and interpretation workflow Yes Limited No
A stable solution Yes No Yes
Vendor independence Yes No Yes