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Upgrade to Geolog 7

The Industry’s Best Petrophysical Analytic Solution Just Got Better

Upgrade now buttonReady to see better, understand more, and make smarter business decisions?

With Geolog 7, you can! As a Geolog user, you know the value of the world’s most advanced petrophysical analytical solution. Geolog’s reliable support for a multi-user environment and its ability to manage data beyond 100,000 wells put it in a class of its own. Direct links to third-party data stores and vendor-neutral modeling ensure user flexibility and independence.

Now this solution has taken a significant step forward. Geolog 7 builds on our best-in-class formation evaluation capabilities with new technical features, expanded platform and data capabilities, and a convenient and powerful user interface.

If you want today’s most innovative scientific advances, combined with practical new application developments, consider the very real benefits of an upgrade to Geolog 7.

  • Get the most from your geological data. Geolog 7 makes it possible with new data import, export and preview capabilities.
  • Increase decision-making confidence. Geolog 7 includes advanced analytics, full documentation, and comprehensive audit trail features.
  • Work faster and smarter. New ergonomics include drag-and-drop functionality, simple right-mouse button access to all capabilities, and more.
  • Leverage the power. Geolog 7 offers robust new interactive core analysis and saturation height modeling as an add-on option.
  • Improve productivity without compromise. Refine models quickly and easily, so you can extract maximum value from existing data, improve accuracy and performance, and reduce overall drilling costs.