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Easy Data Exchange Using Paradigm Connector PlugIn for Petrel

July 27 - 28, 2016

Presented by: Peter Wang, Technical Sales Advisor
Featured Domain: Data Management
Featured Technology: Epos®Geolog®, VoxelGeo®Stratimagic®SKUA-GOCAD


Many E&P companies that use Schlumberger’s Petrel* seismic-to-simulation software also use Paradigm® applications across several domains: Prestack interpretation and QSI, anisotropic well-tie tomographic depth conversion, depth imaging, volume-based interpretation and modeling, and seismic waveform classification. This presentation and demo show how our customers easily share data between the two platforms using the Energistics RESQML industry data format.
Data can be transferred between Paradigm applications and Petrel via the Petrel Connector, a plug-in to Petrel developed by Paradigm.  A Geolog® link enables direct transfer of data from Geolog to Petrel (2013, 2014 and 2015), making it easier to share data between disciplines.  An Epos® link enables the transfer of seismic, well and interpretation data between Epos and Petrel.  Standalone configurations of VoxelGeo®, Stratimagic® and SKUA-GOCAD™ are also available to facilitate the use of Paradigm's best-in-class visualization, facies analysis and reservoir modeling capabilities on top of Petrel.
The Petrel Connector is based on RESQML, an XML- and HDF5-based data-exchange standard that facilitates reliable, automated exchange of data among software packages used in subsurface workflows. RESQML consists of a set of XML schemas (XSD files) and other standards-based technology, which developers implement into software packages. Software that has implemented RESQML can read and write the standard format, mitigating data exchange ill-effects: Knowledge loss, rigid workflows, difficulty characterizing and sharing uncertainty, data loss, and productivity loss (adapted from energistics.org)

*is a mark of Schlumberger

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Peter WangPeter Wang is a Technical Sales Advisor with Paradigm. He has an MS in Geophysics and an MBA from the University of Houston, and is a Texas Licensed Professional Geoscientist (“PG”). He has a thirty-year history in the geophysical industry, having worked for Schlumberger, Amoco Production Company, and Kelman Seismic Processing.