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Extract More from Your Seismic

March 31, 2016

Presented by:  Aymen Haouesse, Product Manager Reservoir Modeling
Featured Domain:  Interpretation and Modeling
Featured Technology: Paradigm 15.5®, SKUA-GOCAD™, Stratimagic®


Seismic data is commonly used when building reservoir models. Integrated with well data, it provides abundant information to characterize the boundaries and internal architecture of the reservoir, resulting in more predictive models.

A typical reservoir modeling workflow includes interpreting the reservoir boundaries (faults and horizons) from the seismic volumes, creating the structural model and its associated 3D geocellular grid from the interpretations, and then filling it with lithology and petrophysical properties, such as porosity and permeability.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate new ways to expand the use of the seismic data in each of these steps of the workflow.  We will demonstrate: 

  • A new seismic attribute that enables more automation when interpreting faults, resulting in faster and more accurate interpretations
  • A new volumetric interpretation approach, which goes beyond the traditional interpretation limited to reservoir boundaries. Intra-formation events are automatically interpreted and used to extract stratigraphic features from the seismic data.
  • 3D geologic grids with internal layering constrained to seismic stratigraphy.  This ensures accurate mapping between the seismic scale and the geological model, for more accurate property and flow models.
  • A multi-scale data integration workflow to calibrate seismic and well data and ensure better characterization of the reservoir lithology and heterogeneities.

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Participant Response!
Q:  Please let us know what you think about the technology presented during the session.
A:  I liked it quite a lot! I think with the need for faster evaluation of prospects, trends, 3D survey areas, this technology is essential to accomplish this! Companies want an answer ASAP, and this will help provide that answer.


Aymen HaouesseAymen Haouesse is Product Manager for Reservoir Modeling at Paradigm, managing the development of integrated applications and workflows for the construction of robust 3D subsurface models. He holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences and Numerical Geology from the National School of Geology in France. Aymen has been involved in many integrated reservoir modeling projects, specializing in geostatisitics and uncertainty modeling.