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Optimize Full Waveform Sonic Processing

May 04, 2016

Presented by: Diego Vasquez, Technical Sales Advisor
Featured Domain: Formation Evaluation
Featured Technology: Geolog®


anisotropic interval, obtained from DSI cross dipole data
Example of an anisotropic interval, obtained from DSI cross dipole data
Full Waveform Sonic Processing
Results of semblance processing and automatic picking, DSI monopole data
Sonic logs form part of most well log acquisitions, and support a wide range of interpretation applications, from simple porosity and travel time estimations to more complex geomechanical properties studies, anisotropy and shear studies, and permeability estimation.

Sonic processing is often performed by the acquisition contractor.  This adds extra cost and can also prevent end users from applying different filters, correcting possible defects, or even performing additional workflows that may not have been covered by the original budgeted logging and processing program. An example might be sonic anisotropy analysis from an acquired cross dipole.

Geolog solves this problem by providing a vendor-independent, full waveform sonic processing capability, that supports every tool on the market.  This module contains a full set of tools for pre-processing and processing sonic data, allowing the user to obtain the best semblance and picking possible.  A full workflow for sonic anisotropy is included with the application, allowing you to evaluate energy, slowness and travel time anisotropies, in order to completely understand the anisotropy around the borehole. 

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Diego-Vasquez_100.jpgDiego Vasquez is a Technical Advisor in the Reservoir Characterization domain for Paradigm Asia-Pacific, based in Perth, Western Australia.  He holds a BS degree in Geological Engineering from the Central University of Venezuela.