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Using Seismic Attributes to Improve Geological & Geophysical Interpretation

April 28, 2016

Presented by:  
Bruno de Ribet, Technology Global Director - Applied Geosciences, Gustavo E. Morales, Senior Geophysicist - Technical Sales Advisor
Featured Domain:  Interpretation and Modeling
Featured Technology: Seismic Attributes


Recent advances in seismic acquisition, processing and visualization enable us to extract more value from seismic data than ever before. To meet the challenges of seismic data interpretation, Paradigm has created a comprehensive library of physical and geometric seismic attributes, as well as the possibility to create user-defined seismic attributes for a specific interpretation purpose. Physical attributes may be used as direct hydrocarbon or lithologic indicators, while geometric attributes facilitate the definition of both the structural and stratigraphic framework of the seismic interpretation. Fast on-the-fly computation, multi-volume visualization, image processing through advanced merge and voxel opacity, principal component analysis and classification are some of the technics allowing an efficient usage of seismic attributes.
In this workflow based demonstration, we will show how geoscientists can use Paradigm’s seismic data attribute library to provide details of the structural, stratigraphic, and fluid framework not readily visible in normal seismic amplitude images to derive new insights about the subsurface.

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Bruno de RibetBruno de Ribet is Technical Global Director at Paradigm. As a key subject matter expert, Dr. de Ribet advises on developing interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows that increase efficiency and take full advantage of the Paradigm suite of geophysical and geological innovations. He has more than 20 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Dr. de Ribet holds a Ph.D. in geophysics from the Institute du Physique du Globe, Paris University.

Gustavo MoralesGustavo Morales is a Technical Sales Advisor at Paradigm.  As a Geophysical Engineer, Gustavo has over 13 years of experience in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data.  He has been involved in numerous integrated, multi-disciplinary projects, in a variety of basins and/or tectonic settings in more than 15 countries. He has particular expertise in complex reservoir conditions, such as tight reservoirs, heterogeneous sequences, highly faulted/fractured areas and severe unconformity settings.