Confident AVO analysis for interpreters and experts alike.

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The Paradigm® Probe® AVO Analysis and Interpretation system is the ideal solution for both interpreters and experts in AVO analysis and reservoir characterization. By integrating AVO into the interpretation workflow, Probe adds information about rock properties to the knowledge acquired in seismic surveys, enhancing understanding of the reservoir and lowering exploration risk. Powerful, interactive and easy to use, Probe is the only solution that offers the level of integration, qualification and analysis needed by geoscientists to confidently use seismic amplitudes to identify quality prospects, clearly delineate reservoirs, and characterize reservoir properties.

Probe is an integral part of these Paradigm solutions:

What Paradigm AVO does for you:

AVO attribute, velocity model and a gather co-visualized with reflection angles
  • Adds information to the reservoir model
  • Allows thorough QC
  • Provides a holistic understanding of 3D AVO fluid anomalies in the reservoir through dynamic links between Probe crossplot and VoxelGeo®
  • Delivers vital information leading to fracture detection
  • Direct access to AVO gathers with interactive correction capabilities results in fast, detailed understanding of the AVO data
  • The high level of interactivity compresses time to decision and improves prediction accuracy

A powerful combination of technology and data integration

AVO is the leading seismic amplitude analysis technology for direct hydrocarbon detection. The AVO workflow requires expertise in many disciplines, as well as the integration of seismic, petrophysical, interpretation and other forms of data. Running on Epos®, Probe provides easy access to popular interpretation and well log data stores, direct links to petrophysical data in formation evaluation systems such as Geolog®, and dynamic links to the industry-leading SeisEarth® and VoxelGeo interpretation applications. These allow geoscientists to readily exploit the system’s usability, interoperability and workflows.

Complete all your AVO tasks without ever having to leave the system

With Probe, you can perform AVO inversion, interpretation, visualization and modeling in one integrated environment, with no workflow interruptions. Probe includes numerous advanced features, such as:

  • On-the-fly pre-stack pre-conditioning
  • Wavelet and stretching
  • Automatic residual moveout corrections (isotropic and anisotropic)
  • Pre-stack amplitude calibration
  • Complete workflow for multi-azimuth AVO analysis for anisotropy and fracture detection
  • Advanced QC feasibility analysis tools, enabling a thorough investigation into the effects of acquisition geometry, structure and pre-processing on AVO analysis
  • Direct links to interpretation and well log data stores
  • Advanced synthetics utility for calibrating multiple wells with seismic data, for extracting wavelets, and for rock physics modeling
  • Unique, 3D model-based AVO modeling away from the well bore

System Requirements

Interoperability Options
All Epos®-based applications enable interoperability with third-party data stores, including:

  • OpenWorks® R5000
  • GeoFrame® 2012
  • JavaSeis