Towards high-definition earth models:  Paradigm 14 modeling solutions enable users to delineate with high fidelity the most relevant geological features of the subsurface.

SKUA-GOCAD enhancements
Advancements in Unconventional Workflows
  • Integrated tools for loading, visualizing and analyzing microseismic data
    • Better understand the propagation of fractures, estimate stimulated volumes, and optimize well spacing in hydraulically stimulated reservoirs
    • A unique, patent pending feature, the ‘stimulation path’, enables better characterization of complex hydraulic fracture growth, and improved assessment of stimulated rock volumes in low permeability reservoirs.
Integrated display of microseismic data
Integrated display of microseismic data
Enhanced Geological Accuracy
  • ‘Compartmentalization’ creation utility that facilitates the creation of hydrodynamic and volume reporting regions
  • Enhanced automated volumetric interpretation capability in SKUA-GOCAD with a new fault likelihood attribute that enables automatic fault picking
  • Extended Macro creation functionality to allow users to create their own repeatable workflows, and perform sensitivity analysis.
Compartmentalization editorCompartmentalization editor
Improved Forecasting with Uncertainty Analysis
  • SKUA Structure and Stratigraphy Uncertainty module, which accounts for multiple horizon uncertainty in a consistent way and also considers fault position uncertainty
    • Enables users to assess the impact of fault and horizon uncertainties on reservoir volumes and production.
SKUA structural uncertainties
SKUA structural uncertainties