Formation Evaluation


The latest version of the industry-leading Paradigm® Geolog® formation evaluation system is being released in tandem with Paradigm 15.
New Feature Why It Matters
  • Expanded interoperability with third-party data stores
  • Improved computational performance of Facimage and a new interactive dendogram display for AHC classification.
  • Faster turnaround during facies model building 
  • New way to modify AHC models with interactive display for clustering hierarchy
  • Increased functionality for special core analysis (Pc/Sw) helps identify different flow regimes based on pore throat size and interconnectivity
  • Support for processing new image logging tools, such as SLB QuantaGeo / NGI
  • Improved decision making for complex reservoirs using image logs in OBM environments
  • New interactive log splicing utility
  • Improved well data management tools increase productivity by greatly reducing the time required to process multiple logging runs
  • Tighter integration with Paradigm 3D geologic models, resulting in an enhanced workflow for creating the Geolog Geosteer model
  • Customers developing their own Geolog plug-ins now have access to our automated testing infrastructure, so that they can embed tests for their code.
  • Enables performance validation and easier migration to new versions of our software
  • Expands Geolog’s ability to successfully meet the unique challenges faced in shale plays.   Video button