Paradigm 15 marks further progress towards high-definition interpreting and modeling.


New Feature Why It Matters
  • Increased well section display customization
    • Labeling of correlated features
    • Optional correlation lines even after correlations are made
  • Cross-section improvements to limit log displays; option to flip orientation
  • Clean displays provide quick-look understanding
  • Reduced visual clutter offers a pleasurable visual display both while interpreting and for final presentation
  • Flipping cross section orientation provides freedom to select dip-oriented or user-preferred orientation
  • A new, easy-to-use variogram analysis tool
Variogram analysis
Variogram analysis
  • Capture crucial multi-scale spatial variability that is key to building accurate velocity and reservoir models  Video button
  • Ability to construct flow simulation grids that honor geological deformations in highly compressive structures
Flow grids for highly compressive environments
Flow grids for highly compressive environments
  • Seamless process for vertical grid alignment when horizons are folded
  • Enables building flow simulation grids for overturned structures
  • Improved velocity modeling and seismic imaging
  • Improved production data loading and manipulation
    • Enable loading of IHS298 production data files
  •  Improved performance in loading simulation and production data in Eclipse and CMG
  • Macros for automating subsurface modeling tasks and running sensitivity analysis
  • Better process automation
  • Consolidates interpretation, well and reservoir data transfer through RESQML standard format
  • Account for de-compaction trends in 3D kinematic restoration (Kine3D-3®)