High Resolution Reservoir Modeling - Keep All Geological Complexity, and Your Peace of Mind

Paradigm Education Series

Presented by:  Luke Van Den Brul
Featured Domain: Seismic Interpretation, Reservoir Modeling
Featured Technology:  SeisEarth®, SKUA-GOCAD


Fault Seal Analysis
Fault throw is automatically calculated on all faults in the structural model, allowing quick and accurate creation of juxtaposition maps and SGR properties along fault planes
Reservoir grid in overturned structural environment
Reservoir grid in overturned structural environment 

No longer do you have to simplify your interpretation during reservoir modeling due to software limitations!

Enhanced seismic interpretation-to-reservoir simulation workflows allow you to create geological reservoir models that match all coherent seismic reflectors, use advanced geostatistical tools to analyze data and capture trends through stratigraphic layers, and examine fault juxtaposition for potential reservoir compartmentalization - a full solution ensuring more accurate static and dynamic volume estimation.

This high resolution modeling approach provides peace of mind to users who are anxious to capture all interpreted complexities and heterogeneities that may be key to understanding their field, and critical to their appraisal or development strategy.

The presentation also features:

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