Well Log Data Management

Paradigm Education Series

Presented by:  Doug McGuire, Technology Advisor - Formation Evaluation
Featured Domain:  Formation Evaluation and Data Management
Featured Technology:  Paradigm Geolog® Formation Evaluation product suite


The often cited explosion of seismic data creates huge challenges for oil and gas operators.  It’s not uncommon to hear users complain they spend as much time finding and QC’ing data as they do analyzing it and deriving insights from it.  Nowhere is this problem more acute than with the management of the thousands of well logs found strewn throughout a typical oil and gas operator's data.  Users spend countless hours dealing with inconsistent naming and disparate quality standards.  These result in higher cycle times, poorer decision-making, and less confidence in the results. 
Targeted at geotechs and data managers, this presentation will provide an overview of a systematic process that users can adopt to centralize all of their well logs in a common project.  It will also present best practices regarding how to run a multi-phase project to build and maintain a process for finding, cleansing and standardizing all the logs in your environment.
Well data management diagram

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Doug McGuireDoug McGuire is Technology Advisor – Formation Evaluation at Paradigm. As a senior subject matter expert, Dr. McGuire advises on development and implementation of formation evaluation technologies that impact all stages of the oilfield life cycle. He has almost 30 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Dr. McGuire holds a Ph.D. in geology from Stanford University, and is a graduate of the Amoco Petrophysics Program.