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Taking seismic-to-well calibration to the next level. Seismic-to-well calibration is performed in order to integrate seismic and well data to build a consistent picture of the subsurface. While seismic data alone provides a good overall picture of a large subsurface area, well data delivers...

Published: октября 16, 2013

Interpretation Upgrades
Seismic Interpretation Upgrades A new, "game-changing” voxel rendering technology using GPUs, directly embedded in SeisEarth 3D Canvas.  Removes artifacts and dramatically accelerates refresh speed.  Enables interpreters to perform regional-to-prospect scale...

Published: ноября 25, 2013

Paradigm 14 offers our seismic interpretation and seismic reservoir characterization communities new functionality to improve the efficiency of their workflows and the quality of their interpretations. SeisEarth® enhancements GPU rendering for a ~70GB seismic...

Published: января 29, 2014

View our Classroom Training Courses
New/Updated Classroom Training CoursesLast Updated: May 22, 2017 We strive to keep our training updated and in line with current workflows and client needs.  Courses are added and updated all the time.  Here is one of the latest:  Essentials for Performing Log Analysis in Geolog...

Published: марта 26, 2015

Geolog Geosteer

Published: ноября 08, 2011

Reduce drilling risk through advanced velocity determination, modeling, and imaging. Explorationists rely on the Paradigm® GeoDepth® velocity determination and 3D/2D velocity model building system to create accurate seismic imaging in either time or depth. Through the integration of...

Published: июня 13, 2013

Reverse Time Migration

Published: ноября 04, 2013

Integrated Software Helps Improve EUR

Published: февраля 05, 2015

Paradigm: A Better Understanding of Shale

Published: ноября 16, 2011

Taking a New Look at Interpretation

Published: октября 05, 2010

A New Era of Full-Azimuth Interpretations

Published: ноября 19, 2012