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2012 Paradigm Technology Forum – New Zealand

Published: ноября 27, 2013

The 39th HAGI and 42nd IAGI Annual Convention & Exhibition
We are pleased to announce that Paradigm will participate in the 39th HAGI and 42nd IAGI Convention and Exhibition in Medan, Indonesia. We invite you and your colleagues to join us at our booth 33 & 39, where you will learn about the many capabilities our software solutions give you to...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

PETEX 2012
  Paradigm welcomes you to Booth #F2 at PETEX 2012, as we unveil more of what you expect from geoscience software - integrated, interactive and innovative.

Published: ноября 27, 2013

2012 Paradigm Technology Forum – Korea
As the E&P industry faces increasingly complex challenges in discovering and producing hydrocarbons, including in emerging unconventional plays, leveraging the right technology is crucial for success.   At the 2012 Paradigm Korea Technology Forum on 11 December 2012 at COEX, Seoul...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Seismic Interpretation
Better tools, better understanding, in less time.The Paradigm® Seismic Interpretation suite is an integrated, modern interpretation and visualization system designed to carry out all seismic interpretation tasks, including structural, stratigraphic, and volume interpretation. The software...

Published: октября 14, 2013

Data Connectivity & Management
Data Connectivity & ManagementImproved Data Transfer to and from Schlumberger PetrelAs part of the ongoing Paradigm commitment to develop a true multi-vendor application ecosystem and accommodate client needs by improving inter-application communication, Paradigm is constantly expanding its...

Published: декабря 28, 2015


Published: ноября 04, 2013

EAGE 2013
Deeper Insight into the Subsurface, Booth #1230 At the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, to be held in London, UK, Paradigm will highlight its latest technology innovations and will demonstrate how our standard workflows can reduce project cycle time and maximize result accuracy. Our...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo (Español)

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Paradigm Velocity Modeling

Published: июня 03, 2015

GeoConvention 2013: Integration
At the GeoConvention 2013: Integration show, Paradigm will highlight its latest technology innovations and show how integrated workflows can be optimized to reduce project cycle time without compromising result accuracy.Get the Most from Your Data Please join us at Booth 219, where we will show...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Geolog User Forum

Published: декабря 16, 2014

SBGf 2015

Published: марта 22, 2015