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Published: ноября 27, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD Europe User Group Meeting

Published: мая 18, 2015

Lunch and Learn Houston - GOCAD with SKUA
Some of the industry’s hottest topics are addressed in this monthly Lunch and Learn series. Please join us at the Paradigm Houston office, where you can mingle with your colleagues and watch live demonstrations that address today's exploration and development challenges. The topic of...

Published: ноября 27, 2013


Published: ноября 04, 2013

Create fully Epos-compatible applications for your systems. SKUA®-GOCAD® Devkits provide a plug-in or runtime development environment. Hundreds of plug-ins have already been developed by oil companies, software companies and universities. GOCAD-SKUA libraries have also been included...

Published: ноября 21, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD User Group Meeting

Published: января 10, 2016

SKUA Modeling Platform
A Step-Change in Modeling Sub-surface modeling is an essential prerequisite for accurate volumetrics, whether static or dynamic; however, the task of transforming interpretation to a 3D model has been always tedious. SKUA introduces a revolutionary approach that preserves interpretation...

Published: октября 24, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD Data and Trend Analysis
Create reliable input for your reservoir property models. The Paradigm® SKUA-GOCAD™ Data and Trend Analysis module offers tools to organize, validate, analyze, interpret and model reservoir data. It is designed to guide users through all the steps required to establish reliable...

Published: октября 24, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD offers robust tools for creating grids for geomechanical simulations.  These grids include structured and unstructured meshes, both of which conform to faults and stratigraphic horizons.  The grids can then be exported to the Abaqus® geomechanical simulator from Dassault...

Published: декабря 13, 2016

GOCAD with SKUA (Portuguese)

Published: февраля 04, 2014

SKUA-GOCAD Reservoir Uncertainty
The Paradigm® SKUA-GOCAD™ Reservoir Uncertainty (Jacta®)* system is the industry’s leading tool for quantifying uncertainty in the position and volume of hydrocarbon plays. Designed to integrate all sources of uncertainty, the system guides users through all the stages of...

Published: октября 24, 2013

GOCAD with SKUA (Spanish)

Published: февраля 04, 2014

SKUA-GOCAD User Group Meeting - Paris

Published: января 22, 2017

SKUA-GOCAD Well Planning
Embedded well planning in the SKUA-GOCAD modeling environment. The SKUA-GOCAD™ Well Planning tool is used for planning both onshore multi-lateral wells and offshore wells or platforms.  Integrated with Paradigm reservoir engineering tools, it provides complete well planning and...

Published: февраля 17, 2014

Fugro Adopts Paradigm SKUA Technology

Published: декабря 23, 2011

SKUA Reservoir Modeling (Russian)

Published: ноября 04, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD User Group Meeting

Published: июня 26, 2014

Subsurface Modeling
Unique volume-based modeling.   In oil and gas exploration and production, state-of-the-art 3D modeling and construction of 3D grids is similar among competing applications: The conventional technique for constructing a model is pillar-based. Unfortunately, in environments containing Y...

Published: октября 21, 2013

SKUA-GOCAD User Group Meeting - Houston

Published: ноября 09, 2016