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2015 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 1
Beginning March, 2015, Paradigm will re-launch its Virtual Lecture Series, consisting of 14 On-Demand Webcasts presented by Paradigm Subject Matter Experts. We invite you and your colleagues to join the series to gain a deeper understanding of key Paradigm solutions. The Lecture Series will...

Published: марта 01, 2015

GeoConvention 2012: Vision (CSEG, CSPG, CWLS) - Booth 616

Published: марта 28, 2012

AAPG 2013
Deeper Insight into the Subsurface at Booth #1621 At AAPG 2013, to be held in the heart of the Marcellus unconventional gas shale play, Paradigm will highlight its latest technology innovations and show how our standard workflows can be optimized to reduce project cycle time and maximize result...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Processing & Imaging
Processing & Imaging With this release, time and depth based processing workflows share velocity analysis tools, presenting users with a consistent user experience and toolset, whether they are working in the time or depth domain.  Specific enhancements include: Echos New...

Published: апреля 27, 2015

Reservoir Characterization
Added value at every step of the E&P process.   The Paradigm® reservoir characterization product portfolio has been specially designed to provide reservoir geoscientists with a full range of characterization, modeling and risk assessment solutions, to locate new prospects...

Published: октября 14, 2013

How can I enroll in a course?
How can I enroll in a course?

Published: февраля 03, 2015

Subsurface Modeling: Back to Geology

Published: июля 10, 2008

Lunch and Learn Calgary - Get More from Your Data to Produce Better Facies Models
Presenter:  Bob Wytsma, Technical Advisor Some of the industry's hottest topics are addressed in the Paradigm® monthly lunch and learn series. Stroll on over to the Paradigm Calgary office to join us for complimentary lunch and refreshments while watching demonstrations that can...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

2016 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2

Published: августа 17, 2016

Velocity Centric Modeling
Paradigm fully integrated velocity model-centric applications enable geoscientists working with Paradigm® GeoDepth® to use the advanced structural and stratigraphic model building capabilities of SKUA-GOCAD™ in the depth imaging workflow.  This capability is particularly...

Published: мая 19, 2015

Intellectual Property
This page contains all of Paradigm's patents and trademarks.  Click here to view Paradigm trademarks.PatentsParadigm (Gibraltar) Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries’ products are protected by one or more of the followingU.S. patents:   6,873,913 6,430,508  ...

Published: июня 21, 2013

Paradigm to Highlight Latest Innovations at SPE

Published: января 26, 2012

GeoConvention 2016: Optimizing Resources

Published: января 10, 2016