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New/Updated Classroom Training CoursesLast Updated: May 22, 2017 We strive to keep our training updated and in line with current workflows and client needs.  Courses are added and updated all the time.  Here is one of the latest:  Essentials for Performing Log Analysis in Geolog...

Published: марта 26, 2015

Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo (CMP)

Published: января 12, 2015

EAGE Conference & Exhibition

Published: января 12, 2015

AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition 2014

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo, 2016

Published: января 10, 2016

Abstracts - Virtual Lecture Series 2015
Well Marker Constrained Time-to-Depth and Redepth Solutions Seismic data is recorded in the time domain, while well data is acquired in the depth domain. Matching the seismic depth, either through timeto-depth conversion or depth migration can be difficult. More often than not, misties between...

Published: января 25, 2015

Paradigm Professional AlliancesDeriving maximum benefit.Paradigm® is in alliance with a number of industry leaders with the goal of working together to provide maximum benefit to our customers.  Featured Partners Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes, "The...

Published: июня 21, 2013

SEG 2013
What drives innovation at Paradigm? When your objectives become our objectives.  And with the increasing complexity of asset challenges, coupled with the need for more efficient workflows among asset teams, Paradigm is driven to deliver the next generation of interconnected geoscience...

Published: ноября 27, 2013

Foro Tecnológico de Paradigm - Bolivia

Published: июня 27, 2016

Processing & Imaging
Processing & Imaging With this release, time and depth based processing workflows share velocity analysis tools, presenting users with a consistent user experience and toolset, whether they are working in the time or depth domain.  Specific enhancements include: Echos New...

Published: декабря 28, 2015

Pore Pressure Prediction
Reduce uncertainty in pore pressure estimationsAccurate pore pressure prediction (PPP) analysis can have an impact on a wide range of E&P operations, from saving lives by ensuring safe drilling programs, to saving money by optimizing operational constraints or risk ranking prospects during...

Published: апреля 27, 2017