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Innovation Services

The Innovation Services group works with our customers to modify our technology and/or develop proprietary workflows that fit their needs and working environment.  Our solutions increase your geoscientists’ productivity and give them added confidence in their exploration, production and drilling decisions.

What do Innovation Services offer?

  • Customized workflows
  • Accelerated development
  • Customer proprietary tools or workflows with our algorithms embedded in their back end
  • Highly efficient experts with intimate knowledge of our technologies
  • Direct access to source code
  • Development training
  • Integrated plugins from proprietary or non-proprietary code

What are the unique benefits of our Innovation Services?

  • The ability to develop whatever you need and package it for your specific environment
  • The speed to deliver solutions according to your timetable
  • The agility to adapt to any functionality, including proprietary tools and graphic user interfaces
  • Enhanced confidence in your decision-making process  
  • The ability to guide the development of commercial solutions

Who are our customers?

Our ideal partners are companies that are both early adopters and fast followers.  Companies looking to solve tough problems today partner with Emerson E&P Software to find innovative and unique solutions for their company.  Current users of Innovation Services include leading super-majors, NOCs and major oil and gas companies.

Innovation Services provide added value at every level:

  • Geoscientists looking for solutions that can be incorporated into their everyday work
  • Asset Managers looking for customized workflows that will achieve more accurate results and reduce cycle time
  • IT Managers looking for customized solutions that will increase the value of their company’s software investment
  • CEOs and VPs looking for unique and innovative solutions that will provide a competitive advantage over their peers and increase ROI

How are Innovation Services delivered?

Innovation Services can be provided in a number of frameworks:
  • Co-Development:  Provides a comprehensive and differentiating tool that has a shared IP for both the customer and Emerson E&P Software.
  • Accelerated Development:  Provides an avenue for customers to receive a product before the original delivery date.  Exclusivity terms are negotiable.
  • Proprietary Development:  Provides development of tools designed solely for the customer.
  • Consulting:  Provides guidance to customers developing their own tools using our software development kits.
Each project is negotiated on an individual basis, attuned to the needs of the customer.