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Paradigm 17 for the Cloud


Today’s oil and gas exploration and production market poses growing challenges for E&P CIOs, due to the enormous growth in data volume and complexity, combined with an ongoing need to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.  Different business units may have different needs and timetables, and IT departments must be able to support a wide variety of requirements.  Add to that the rapid changes in hardware, operating systems and middleware, and the need for a more comprehensive data storage system becomes evident. 


Since cost pressures limit how much companies can invest in high-specification hardware and internal IT costs, cloud computing can be an ideal solution.  The advantages to cloud computing are manifold:  The cloud offers virtually unlimited compute power availability and on-the-fly capacity scalability, and can be deployed quickly at relatively low cost.  Add to that the growing importance of Big Data and the Internet of Things, and cloud computing is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool.

Paradigm recognizes that cloud computing is increasingly being explored by customers as an alternative computing platform for E&P software.  To that end, the company has developed carefully engineered reference architectures for the use of its full range of software products on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. These reference architectures take into consideration the performance, networking and scalability required for HPC seismic imaging applications, and the remote 3D graphics and high-resolution monitors typical of E&P desktop software applications.

The Paradigm 17 for the Cloud offering is specifically attuned to the oil and gas exploration and production industry.  Paradigm, with years of experience and expertise in this market, is uniquely positioned to provide the most suitable solution to our customers’ needs. And it does this without compromising our advanced science or workflow integration.

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Paradigm 17 for the Cloud is available in two different packages

Paradigm’s software for the Cloud is available in two business options, enabling customers to select the most appropriate solution for their operating environment and requirements:

  • Customer Managed Cloud – Customers run the software on cloud compute platforms and storage, managed by the customer’s IT organization.
  • Paradigm Managed Cloud – Customers run the software on cloud compute platforms and storage, managed by Paradigm.