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Paradigm for the Cloud

CIOs are constantly being challenged to lower the cost of keeping their hardware and software up to date, in order to support their users. Cloud computing enables them to dramatically reduce the capital needed for their data centers, while providing access to a virtually unlimited amount of the most advanced compute and storage resources.  The business models associated with cloud-delivered applications also allow CIOs to off-load the support and maintenance of applications to providers who know their solutions best. Ubiquitous accessibility and information aggregation on a cloud platform open the possibility of using big data and machine learning technologies to deliver deeper insight to both experts and decision makers.

Emerson’s E&P Software Solutions business is leading the way in this groundbreaking technology by offering its entire portfolio on the cloud. Emerson is committed to open standards and interoperability between commercial and internally-developed applications.

The Paradigm for the Cloud offering is specifically attuned to the oil and gas E&P industry.  With years of experience and expertise in the market, this offering is uniquely positioned to provide the most suitable solution to our customers’ needs, without compromising our advanced science products or workflow integration.

Paradigm for the Cloud is available in two different packages

EMR_PDM-For-Cloud_BLUE-(2).pngEmerson's Paradigm software for the Cloud is available in two business options, enabling customers to select the most appropriate solution for their operating environment and requirements:

  • Customer Managed Cloud – Customers run the software on cloud compute platforms and storage, managed by the customer’s IT organization.
  • Emerson E&P Software Managed Cloud – Customers use the Paradigm solution as a service on the cloud, with Emerson E&P managing the cloud platform, software support, maintenance and operation.