Reservoir Geophysics

For both the expert and the generalist interpreter.

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AVO attribute, velocity model and a gather co-visualized with reflection angles
Paradigm® reservoir geophysics applications provide essential information about the quantity and quality of the reservoir that is key to reducing risk and improving productivity when drilling wells. Running on the Paradigm Epos® infrastructure, these solutions offer a combination of advanced science and the latest interpretation, visualization and modeling technologies. Through their integration into the SeisEarth® multi-survey interpretation system, they become a natural extension of the interpretation workflow, enhancing ease of use for both the expert and the generalist interpreter.

Paradigm reservoir geophysics applications include:

  • An interactive environment for both conventional AVO and multi-azimuth, anisotropic AVA(Z) workflows, delivered in the Paradigm Probe® AVO analysis and interpretation application
  • The Paradigm Vanguard® seismic inversion solution, integrating seismic, well and geological data to produce a description of reservoir properties
  • Multi-attribute classification and calibration of 2D and 3D seismic data using Paradigm SeisFacies®, an integrated extension to the Stratimagic® facies classification solution. SeisFacies helps geoscientists understand and relate seismic responses to reservoir variations.