Reservoir Driven Production Management

Combine production intelligence with subsurface knowledge, for more cost-effective production

Field development plans can be vastly improved by integrating a rich understanding of the subsurface with production data.  Paradigm is partnering with industry leaders to develop intelligent solutions to help manage some of the key challenges in oil and gas production, such as field level optimization, flood prediction, well intervention, and infill drilling optimization.

The challenge:  production optimization

Reservoir Driven Production Optimization (RDPO) helps break down functional and technical silos, enabling production teams to make optimal decisions when managing large and/or complex fields.  This solution enables operators to exceed production targets and manage operational costs in a variety of ways, including by pinpointing superior infill drilling locations, improving well intervention strategies, and optimizing and predicting flood behavior.

Armed with a clearer understanding of the reservoir, operators are better equipped to understand risks and act upon them.

RDPO offers added value for: 

  • Fields moving from development to production
  • Mature/rejuvenated fields
  • Marginally economic fields
  • Complex fields
  • Large fields

Benefits of RDPO

  • Best-in-class reservoir intelligence
  • Live production and equipment surveillance
  • 24/7 production optimization analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Global equipment + service coverage

Integrated rock, fluid and stress characterization shows how your reservoir changes over time 

Reservoir Driven Production Risk Management (RD PRM) is a new combined software and services offering now available through a partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Paradigm.   The initial offering will focus on optimizing completion strategies in unconventionals, and anticipating fault reactivation.  Additional industries, such as mining, geothermal, urban planning and defense, may also benefit from this solution at a later stage.