A unique, stable and mature combination of production and interactive seismic data processing.

Seismic Processing

The industry’s leading seismic processing system for generating 2D and 3D images of the subsurface.

Users look to Paradigm® when seeking the most proven seismic processing system in the industry. The comprehensive Paradigm Echos® seismic processing tool capitalizes on over 25 years of use by seismic contractors and oil companies and is reflected in its geophysical integrity.

Scalable and configurable, to meet any business objective

Echos offers scalable delivery, from laptops and workstations to HPC clusters and mainframes. A highly efficient parallel framework and infrastructure ensure cluster optimization and data compatibility with other Paradigm Epos®-based solutions, enabling expanded workflows and project coverage.

Other benefits include:

  • State-of-the-art processing and imaging, including 5D Data Reconstruction, 3D Surface Related Multiple Suppression, Reverse Time Migration, specialized noise suppression methods (LIFT), and a suite of all-purpose time-frequency domain processes
  • The industry's best interactive link between seismic processing parameters and the data
  • An open solution with programming libraries and tool kits for client customization