New/Updated Classroom Training Courses

Last Updated: December 14, 2016


We strive to keep our training updated and in line with current workflows and client needs.  Courses are added and updated all the time.  Here is one of the latest:

Velocity Modeling and Calibration using SKUA: SKUA-GOCADTMParadigm® 15.5

SKUA Velocity ModelingIn this flexible one- or two-day course, the student learns how to make the most of the unique SKUA® ability to build geologically constrained velocity models and perform efficient time-to-depth conversion. Unlike other solutions where structural complexity is a limiting factor, SKUA structural and stratigraphic modeling enables accurate time-to-depth conversion in salt and structurally complex environments, and provides all the tools needed to create geologically realistic velocity models.

Other new and updated courses include:
  • Introduction to Well Correlation using StratEarth® - Paradigm 15.5
  • Loading and Managing Well Data using Epos® – Paradigm 15.5
  • Loading and Managing Seismic and Interpretation Data using Epos® – Paradigm 15.5 
  • Depth Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging using GeoDepth® 3D – Paradigm 15.5
  • Data Analysis and Property Modeling using SKUA-GOCAD™ – Paradigm 15.5
  • Borehole Image Processing and Analysis – Geolog® 7.4
  • Modeling Reservoir Architecture using GOCAD® – Paradigm 15.5 
  • Time to Depth Conversion using Explorer® – Paradigm 15.5 
  • Reservoir Characterization using Probe® and Vanguard® – Paradigm 15.5 
  • Rock Physics (including Pore Pressure Prediction) Geolog 7.4
  • GeoSteer using Geolog 7.4  
  • Full Waveform Sonic Processing using Geolog 7.4
  • Integrated Interpretation using Geolog 7.4
  • Deterministic Petrophysical Log Analysis using Geolog 7.4
  • Electrofacies Analysis using Geolog Facimage 7.4
  • Essentials for Performing Log Analysis using Geolog 7.4
  • Introductory Loglan and Tcl Programming using Geolog 7.4
  • Modeling Reservoir Architecture using SKUA® , Paradigm 15.5
  • Facies Classification and Analysis in Stratimagic® and SeisFacies®, Paradigm 15.5
  • Modeling and Imaging with Anisotropy in GeoDepth, Paradigm 15
  • System Administration and Database Management Paradigm 15
  • Multi-Survey (2D/3D) Interpretation using SeisEarth®
  • AVO Inversion and Analysis using Probe
  • Seismic Inversion for Rock Property Analysis using Vanguard
  • Modeling Reservoir Architecture using GOCAD in Paradigm 15
  • Fundamentals of SKUA-GOCAD for Reservoir Modeling in Paradigm 15 
  • Seismic Processing with Echos®

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