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Tips and Tricks

Paradigm experts offer Tips and Tricks to help you make more efficient use of your Paradigm solutions through the use of productivity-enhancing features, macros, and advanced technologies.

Tips and Tricks

Creating a Variogram from Porosity Well-log Data in SKUA-GOCAD
This document explains how to create an experimental porosity variogram from data in 60 well logs in a geological grid.  It also shows how to obtain a variogram map to verify the presence of anisotropy in the data. (Portuguese)
The Use of Stereograms in Borehole Image Analysis
Learn more about stereographic projection, and how it can provide a better understanding of the relationship between bedrocks/structures and wells, or even fields.   (English) (Portuguese)
Best Practices when Using SeisEarth 3D Propagator (login required)
Using Macros to Optimize Tasks in SKUA-GOCAD
This document tells you how to optimize tasks, customize workflows and share them with others.  (English) (Portuguese)
4D Correlation in Well-to-Seismic Calibration
This document offers tips for using 4D correlation in well-to-seismic calibration in order to obtain the best match between the synthetic seismogram and seismic trace at the well location.  (English) (Portuguese)

How-to Videos in Paradigm Online University

Below is a sampling of available "how-to" videos on Paradigm Online University.  Feel free to scroll though POU to find other relevant and useful videos.
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Working with Fault-Horizon Contacts in SeisEarth
This video illustrates different methods for generating and working with fault-horizon contacts for an existing interpretation.

Sending a Traverse to StratEarth
This video illustrates how, when sending a traverse from BaseMap, well and seismic data are automatically loaded in StratEarth and displayed in well and cross-section views, all in one click!

Customizing a Map View in SKUA-GOCAD
This video explains how to customize a Map view in SKUA-GOCAD by adding and editing legends, properties and objects.

Search for Well Tools in SKUA-GOCAD
This video teaches how to use the Search for Wells tool in SKUA-GOCAD to filter wells using different criteria, and group them into meaningful well lists.

Creating Interval Logs in Geolog
Interval logs are a basic data type in Geolog, used to limit a large set of data to a smaller range, for processing or for use in a view. This video shows the various ways an interval logs can be created from within Geolog.

Geolog-Petrel Connector 
This video explains how to select and transfer log data back and forth between Petrel (a subsidiary of Schlumberger) and Geolog.