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Echos - Seismic Data Processing

Learn about the interactive and processing approaches to using Echos, and the wide range of modules available in Echos™. Echos is a workstation-based processing system that combines interactive and batch, prestack and poststack processing.

4-5 days

Who should attend?
Experienced seismic data processors, new Echos users


  • Getting Started Using Echos
    • Epos Data Management
    • Getting Started Using Echos
    • Building a Job Flow in Echos
  • Working with Land Data
    • Getting Started with Land Data
    • Amplitude Corrections and Signal Processing
    • Signal Enhancement and Noise Attenuation
    • Picking First Breaks and Static Solution
    • Floating Datum Processing
    • Velocity Analysis
    • Residual Statics
    • Data Regularization, DMO and Poststack Processing
    • Imaging
  • Working with Marine Data
    • Getting Started with Marine Data
    • Initial QC Tasks
    • Wavelet Processing
    • Noise Attenuation
    • Deghosting and Multiple Attenuation
    • Q Estimation and Correction
    • Tidal Statics and Channel Amplitudes
    • Spherical Divergence Correction
    • Imaging

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