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Epos – Loading and Managing Well Data

This course is designed to teach students how to use Paradigm tools for loading, QCing, and managing well data. This course is composed of two courses:
  • Epos Essentials
  • Loading and Managing Well Data using Epos
Epos Essentials: Half day
Loading and Managing Well Data: 1.5  days
Background/familiarity in data loading terminology and concepts. Understanding of basic geoscience concepts.
Who should attend?
Technologists, processors, geoscientists, and new users of Paradigm technology who load and manage data.
  • Epos Essentials: Introduction to Epos Infrastructure, Data Model, and Terminology
  • Getting Started in Epos
    • Creating a New Project
  • Loading Well Data
    • Creating a Well Database
    • Importing:
      • Well Parameters
      • Deviation Surveys
      • Well Markers
      • Checkshots
      • Wireline Logs in LAS 2 Format
      • Production Data
      • Raster Data
  • Managing Well Data
    • Managing the Amount of Well Data Used in a Working Session
    • Managing Well Domain Conversion Data
    • Managing Log Data
    • Managing Marker Data
    • Well Data Exchange
    • Project Backup and Restore

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