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Epos OpenGeo SDK

Gain the skills necessary to work with OpenGeo®, one of Paradigm’s development toolkits.The Epos OpenGeo devkit training teaches the students how to manage data in these domains:
  • Epos project study
  • Epos survey study (2D and 3D)
  • Epos well study
  • Project/survey metadata
  • Seismic data: 3D, 2D, poststack, prestack
  • Seismic interpretation: horizons, faults
  • Vertical functions
  • Well data
The course consists of a series of presentations that alternate with interactive sessions in which the student learns how to find the information using the OpenGeo navigator or go through examples of coding.

4 days. 5 days with well training.

Developing experience in C++, basic knowledge of geophysics.

Who should attend?

  • Epos infrastructure
  • Epos logical data model
  • Epos OpenGeo devkit architecture
  • Epos OpenGeo devkit libraries, structure, API
  • Epos OpenGeo devkit navigator
  • Epos OpenGeo devkit workflows and examples

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