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Explorer - Time to Depth Conversion

The objective of this course is to expose students to as many tools as possible for performing time-to-depth conversion while giving examples of meaningful workflows. We hope that students will then be able to develop company specific workflows using what they have learned in the course.

The student is introduced to the Explorer TM toolkit and learns how to perform 2D and 3D visualization, model building from structure-limited and non-structural velocity sources, integration of well and seismic data, calibration to wells, basic geostatistical mapping, Constrained Velocity Inversion, building a velocity volume, estimating velocity gradients, and editing data.

 3 days

Geoscience background

Who should attend?
Explorer users


  • Getting Started
    • Getting Started
    • Data Preparation
  • Structure Independent Velocity Modeling and Depth Conversion
    • Velocity Volume Creation with Constrained Velocity Inversion (CVI)
    • Velocity Volume Creation with the Global Velocity Model Builder
    • Slice-Based Velocity Volume Creation
    • Depth Conversion using a Velocity Volume
    • Updating the Velocity Model with Tomography
  • Horizon-Based Velocity Modeling and Depth Conversion
    • Preparing for Horizon-Based Modeling
    • Horizon-Based Velocity Modeling
    • Depth Conversion
  • Additional Workflows
    • Velocity Modeling using Well Markers
    • Working with Velocity Gradients
    • Using Geostatistics and Building Hybrid Models

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