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GeoDepth 2D - Depth Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging

This two-day training course teaches students how to create an initial interval velocity model, perform depth imaging, and update the velocity model.  Students first build an initial grid-based velocity section, run 2D Kirchhoff Prestack Depth Migration, then update the velocity model with 2D Grid Tomography. Students are taught how to create a horizon-based interval velocity section using Coherency Inversion Analysis and normal incidence ray migration, and to update the depth/velocity model with Model Based Tomography.  Students also learn how to run 2D Grid Tomography in multi-2D line mode. Finally, students perform residual moveout analysis in vertical mode and use Constrained Velocity Inversion to update interval velocity sections.
2 days

Some familiarity with Paradigm products

Who Should attend:
New GeoDepth users, Geophysicists

  • Introduction
    • Getting Started
    • QCing Data
    • Preparing the Data
  • Grid Based Velocity Modeling and Updating
    • Creating an Initial Depth/Interval Velocity Section Using CVI
    • Performing Prestack Depth Migration
    • Updating the Depth/Interval Velocity Model with Grid Tomography
  • Additionial Workflows
    • 2D Multi-Line Workflow
    • Layer Based Velocity Modeling
    • Updating Velocity Models with CVI

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