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Geolog - Advanced Geolog

Advanced Geolog

Gain a comprehensive overview of Multimin (probabilistic, or optimizing, petrophysical analysis) and Geolog programming using Loglan and Tcl.

Duration: 5 days

Basic Knowledge of Geolog

Who Should Attend?:
Experienced Geolog Users


  • Multimin
    Multimin is a software program that provides advanced formation evaluation answers. The program is based on the probabilistic, or optimizing, approach to modelling wireline and rock data. The formation evaluation professional will gain an understanding of the theoretical basis of the optimizing approach to petrophysical interpretation, a good understanding of how to create models in Multimin and how to run optimizing evaluations within the Geolog environment. You will work through several exercises highlighting different modelling challenges, such as bad hole, heavy minerals and secondary porosity.
  • Loglan
    Loglan is a fully functional programming language which is written, compiled and executed within Geolog. It allows you to develop your own modules, easily accessible from Geolog's Well or Project applications, to perform log processing and many other applications. Learn the basics of the Loglan programming language, how to develop a module using the language, and how to run the module from within Well or Project.
  • Tcl Programming
    Tcl, the Tool Command Language, is a platform independent easy-to-learn scripting language that is an integral part of Geolog. Learn how to develop programs using Tcl commands and Geolog extensions to create applications that compliment the functionality of Geolog.

Advanced Geolog can be made up of: **       
Multimin  - 2 days        
Loglan  - 2 days        
TCL Programming  - 1 day        
Facimage  - 2 days        
Thin Bed (Laminated Shaly Sand) Analysis - 1 day        
Determin Uncertainty - 1 day

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