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Geolog Determin - Deterministic Petrophysical Log Analysis (Determin)

Learn how Geolog can be used as a tool for performing advanced deterministic petrophysical well evaluations. Determin is a comprehensive suite of individual deterministic modules that allow the analyst to apply all the major modern petrophysical models in the traditional analysis methodology. All common techniques for shale/clay volumes, porosity, saturation and lithology determination are included. Interactive parameter picking and multi-zone/multi-well analysis provide a rapid workflow for the formation evaluation. Students are also introduced to Loglan, the Geolog programming tool.

2 days

A working knowledge of the Geolog® software, and of basic Petrophysics.

Who Should Attend:
Geologists, Petrophysicists


  • Determin Overview
  • Using the Evaluate module
  • Geolog’s Frequency (Histogram) View
  • Geolog's Xplot View
  • The different types of Xplot functions supplied with Geolog
  • Deterministic Petrophysics
  • Petrophysics Philosophy
  • Parameter Picking
  • Deterministic Analysis
  • Multiwell Analysis
  • Create a new Loglan Program (Geolog's programming tool)
  • Determin Uncertainty Theory
  • Determin Uncertainty Analysis
  • General Uncertainty

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