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Geolog - Essentials for Performing Log Analysis

Learn the general basics of primary Geolog applications, with hands-on exercises that illustrate most of their features and functions.The course covers:

  • Managing working projects
  • Loading and exporting data
  • Managing Geolog applications
  • Opening, formatting, and saving document views
  • Using menus, tool bars, and other functions common throughout Geolog
  • Displaying, browsing, interpreting, and modifying data

This course is designed for geologists, petrophysicists, or other technical personnel interested in using the Geolog product suite for well data management, petrophysical analysis, and geological interpretation. It is for new users and is not intended to be a comprehensive course covering the full functionality of Geolog. The objective is to teach the basics of using Geolog prior to a student’s use of more advanced modules.

3 days

Background in geology, petrophysics, or well log analysis.

Who Should Attend?
All Geolog users, specifically new users


  • Geolog overview
    • Introduction to Geolog and getting started
    • Visualizing data in Map View
    • Visualizing data in wells
    • Customizing your workspace and creating custom menus
    • Using the Online Help
  • Creating a new project and loading data
    • About the Geolog environment
    • Creating a new project
    • About data loading
    • Loading LIS/LAS/Flat ASCII/Geolog ASCII format data files
    • Transferring data between projects
    • Copying data from XLS format file
  • Displaying and formatting well data in a layout
    • Creating and preparing a new layout
    • Displaying data in tracks
    • Formatting the layout
    • Controlling data display
  • Interpreting and editing data
    • Using QC tools in Project
    • Copying project files between locations
    • Interpreting and editing data graphically in a Layout View
    • Interpreting and editing data with the Module Launcher
  • Reviewing and exporting Data
    • Checking wells in Mapsheet
    • Creating a montage with formatted Document Views
    • Exporting data
    • Reviewing Audit Trail

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