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Geolog - Full Waveform Sonic Processing

This course is designed for users of the Geolog Full Waveform Sonic modules. It teaches the basics of using the array sonic processing tools by guiding the student through a typical workflow and procedures to:

  • Become familiar with array sonic waveforms
  • View/create an array sonic tool specification
  • Create other attributes for a given waveform
  • Unpack "packed waveforms" to the individual receiver logs
  • Perform data analysis and pre-processing of waveforms
  • Remove noise from waveforms using a depth average, time average and frequency filter
  • Remove gain and normalization amplitudes added to waveforms during data acquisition
  • Process dipole and monopole waveforms
  • Perform automatic and interactive picking of arrivals
  • Perform dispersion correction
  • Traveltime overlay
  • View the Semblance display for diagnostic analysis

One day

This advanced class presumes that participants are experienced with basic Geolog functionality and module processing.

Who Should Attend:
Geoscientists concerned with processing and interpretation of acoustic waveforms in Geolog.


  • Well Data Review
  • Data Preparation
  • Preprocessing
  • Slowness Processing
  • Postprocessing
  • Quick Run
  • Dispersion Correction Discussion

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