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Geolog - Introductory Loglan Programming

Learn how to develop log processing modules to perform your own processing algorithms on your Geolog data. These modules will be fully integrated into the Geolog environment, and will function in exactly the same way as any other module in Geolog. A number of exercises are included throughout to demonstrate concepts and to allow you to check your progress.

2 days

Basic familiarity with the Geolog® environment

Who should attend:
Geolog users and programmers


  • How to write a program
  • Create a new program
  • The Loglan environment
  • Loglan program development interface
  • The Module Launcher interface
  • Loglan language syntax
  • Arrays in Loglan
  • Log constants
  • External functions
  • Module processing
  • Creating a combined module
  • Introduction to Python
  • Additional optional exercises
  • Introduction to Macro Reader

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