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Geolog - Laminated Shaly Sand Analysis (LSSA)

This training course will assist you in understanding how Geolog can be used as a tool for performing laminated shaly sand analysis using the LSSA application within Geolog.

The course provides detailed information about the tools available within Geolog for performing formation evaluation using horizontal and vertical resistivity data. This module was originally created to work with Baker Atlas’s 3DEX induction logging tool data but can be used with any data that contains horizontal and vertical resistivity measurements, along with porosity and shale volume indicators.

This course:

  • Explains the theory behind LSSA
  • Explains the difficulties encountered when using conventional techniques for interpreting thin beds
  • Compares different methods of obtaining Rv and Rh
  • Introduces tensor petrophysics

2 days

A working knowledge of the Geolog software, and of basic Petrophysics.

Who should attend?
Geologists and Petrophysicists


  • Shaly Sand Analysis
    • Conventional Analysis Techniques Using Horizontal Resistivity
    • Why is Conventional Petrophysical Analysis Unreliable in Laminated
    • How are Horizontal and Vertical Resistivities Measured?
    • An Example to Demonstrate Rv and Rh in Action
  • Obtaining Rv and Rh
  • Thomas-Stieber and Tensor Petrophysics
  • Data Requirements
  • The LSSA Workspace File
  • LSSA Module  in Geolog

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