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Geolog - Multi-Mineral Analysis and Interpretation Using Geolog Multimin


This course is designed, with a hands-on, practical approach, to assist in learning how to perform sophisticated formation evaluation using Multimin, the advanced petrophysics application of the Emerson™ Geolog system. The course is taught by professional trainers to small groups of interested people from the petroleum industry. The material is presented by following examples on a workstation.

The student is guided through the following examples:

  • First example - a documented example of a simple analysis, and then further interpretation of the example
  • Complex example
  • Silt example
  • NIMBLE example
  • Carbonate example

2 days

To gain the most from this training course, the following prerequisites are required:

  • A working knowledge of the Geolog system and its conventions, the methods to import data into the software, and the way data is stored.
  • A working knowledge of the methods used in Geolog to perform basic preparation tasks for petrophysical data including:
    • depth-matching, editing and despiking for petrophysical logs
    • environmental corrections
    • data displays
    • crossplotting
  • A general understanding of petrophysics, including the concept of response equations for tools, and the methods used to calculate shale volumes, porosities and water saturations. An appreciation of cation-exchange based methods for water saturation determination would be beneficial, as would an understanding of mineralogy effects on tool responses.

Who Should attend:
Petroleum geologists, engineers, and petrophysicists


  • Introduction to Multimin and Data Preparation
  • First Example – Multimin Analysis
  • First Example – Alternative Interpretations
  • Complex Example
  • Multimin Uncertainty
  • Silt Example
  • NIMBLE Example
  • Carbonate Example
  • Multimin Aliases
  • Verification Example

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