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Geolog - NMR and NMR2D


This course aims to introduce students to the Geolog NMR and NMR2D modules. Both the theory behind NMR & NMR2D measurements and the workflows associated with the modules will be covered.

The correct interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) logs requires an understanding of the principles that lie behind the measurement. An understanding of these principles enables the log analyst to understand the processing, quality control and interpretation of NMR data.

This course is structured to achieve the following objectives:

  • Give the student an understanding of the principles and theories behind the NMR measurement.
  • Use these principles and theories to explain the value and limitations of NMR logging.
  • Enable the student to understand the NMR acquisition and processing cycle.
  • Provide guidelines on the quality control of NMR data.
  • Explain the differences between different tool designs and different modes of acquiring data.
  • Relate NMR data to the fundamental properties of rocks and fluids.
  • Teach how to prepare 2 dimensional NMR logging data for use in Geolog.
  • Teach how to process data for 2 dimensional map results and the processing steps of interpreting said maps.

During the course, the student will gain practical experience in the processing, quality control and interpretation of NMR logs using the Geolog NMR & NMR2D modules.

2 Days


  • A background in geology, petrophysics, or well log analysis
  • A working knowledge of the operating system you are using for this course

Who should attend?

Users who are new to the Geolog NMR and NMR2D suite of modules within Geolog.


  • Introduction to NMR
  • Loading NMR Data
  • CMR 1D Data Set QC & Inversion
  • T2 Analysis
  • Load the Coniston Well MR-Scanner Data
  • MRX 2D Data Set Workflow
  • MReX 2D Data Set Workflow
  • NMR Theory
  • NMR Tools and Logging Services
  • NMR and Petrophysics
  • Inversion Revisited
  • Glossary and References

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