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Geolog - Rock Physics (Including Pore Pressure Prediction)

This training course is an introduction to the Geophysics application within Geolog, where you will learn how to generate a synthetic seismic trace. The various modules and their capabilities are studied in a logical series of steps, which the geoscientist uses to create the synthetic. In the second section of the course, the fluid substitution workflow will be examined.

2 days

A good working knowledge of Geolog is required and proficiency in Geolog’s Well application, having a good understanding of log manipulation and interrogation.

Who should attend:
Geolog Users

  • Geophysics and Fluid Substitution Workflow Overview
  • Data Preparation
  • Welltie
  • Seismic Tie
  • Filters
  • Synthetic
  • Generate an AVO Synthetic
  • Model Well
  • Pore Pressure
  • Fluid Properties
  • Gassmann Model
  • Bounds
  • Additional Exercises
  • Extending the Wire Set to Match the Checkshot Set
  • Depth to Time Conversion
  • Synthetics for a Vertical Well
  • TVD Synthetics for a Deviated Well
  • Sources of Errors in Well to Seismic Ties
  • Empirical Relations
  • Effective Medium Models
  • Contact Models

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