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Geolog for Geologists

Geolog for Geologists

The Geolog for Geologists course is designed for new users to the software. It teaches general basics of the primary applications, with hands-on exercises that illustrate most of their features and functions. The student is also exposed the Section and Correlator applications, tools designed for cross-section creation and interactive correlation picking.

 3-4 days (dependant on class size)

Who should attend?
Geologists, Geoscientists


  • Essentials for Performing Log Analysis using Geolog
    Gain a general grounding in the primary Geolog applications. Learn to start Geolog, open Geolog applications and document views within the applications, use the menus, tool bars and other functions common throughout Geolog, and manage working projects.
  • Connect
    Load and export data using different file formats and various file transfers such as project to project.
  • Well
    Gain an understanding of the basics of using the Well application by being guided through a typical workflow and procedures in order to become familiar with Geolog’s Well interface and the various track types used in a layout. Learn how to create a customized layout, view and modify well data in text (table) format using Well’s text view, view and modify well data using a graphical interface and generate and modify data using a series of utilities (modules) designed for specific tasks. Learn about the Wellpath view, TVD calculation and the importance of this step for dip picking, Xplot view, frequency plot view and multi-well log analysis.
  • Project
    Acquire the skills necessary to prepare the data for processing in the current working session, become familiar with mapsheets (basemaps), format mapsheet displays, use mapping tools to display data in various formats, view and search all, or a subset of, the data in a project using the Well Catalogue view.
  • Artist
    Learn how to open new and edit existing pictures, display and position graphic objects, use variable and static text to create a header for use in Geolog layouts and create new fill and marker patterns.
  • Section
    Gain an understanding of the procedures for displaying vertical and deviated wells, interactive correlation picking and applying geological drawing tools and line styles to cross sections.
  • Correlator
    Progress through the workflow for performing interactive correlation picking: creating a Project well, loading and modifying an existing Project well, creating and editing stratigraphic interpretation schemes, well partitioning on horizontal wells, and adding interpreted geological surfaces

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