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Geosteer - Well Directional Steering

Geolog’s Geosteer module is a comprehensive toolbox for geologically steering a well through the geology of the subsurface. The correlation between expected, or modeled logs, and real-time LWD log curves helps, during drilling, to quantify and qualify the number of adjustments that need to be made to the well trajectory to ensure optimal entry into the reservoir, obtain a precise position of the wellbore relative to the geology, and prevent an early exit from the reservoir. Geolog Geosteer offers an effective way of interpreting log data in highly deviated wells and can be done at the rig site or in the office.

This course teaches the basics of using Geosteer by guiding the student, step by step, through a typical workflow.

2 days

To gain the most benefit from this training guide you should be familiar with:

  • Geolog
    • Loading data, layouts, modules etc.
  • Directional and Horizontal Wells
    • Surveys, wellpaths, position uncertainty
    • Directional drilling issues and constraints
  • Basics of LWD Tools
    • Tool types, mnemonics, real-time and memory data
    • Propagation resistivity response
  • Wellbore Images
    • Dip picking

Who should attend?
Geoscientists who plan high angle or horizontal wells, are involved in the drilling of high angle or horizontal wells, and participate in petrophysical and structural postmortems of these wells.


  • Creating a 3D Model
  • Preparing Offset Wells
  • Planned Geosteer Wells
  • Actual Geosteer Well (without Plan)
  • Actual Wells
  • LWD Images
  • Reposts and Output Files
  • Resistvity Modeling
  • WITSML Real-Time Data Loading (Optional)

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