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QSI - Rock and Fluid Property Estimation Using AVO and Inversion Workflows

This course  guides students through a reservoir characterization workflow which integrates petrophysical analysis, rock physics, AVO analysis, seismic inversion, and powerful 3D visualization techniques, to identify, visualize and validate hydrocarbon prospects. Students will integrate data from well logs and post- and prestack seismic data using tools available in Paradigm’s Probe™ (AVO) and Vanguard™ (seismic inversion) products. A thorough introduction to elastic wave theory, rock physics, AVO theory, and seismic inversion is presented.  In addition, the course includes exercises that integrate 2D modeling (wedge modeling) into the AVO analysis workflow. 

4 days

A basic understanding of prestack seismic data.  Familiarity with 3D Canvas, Well Log Window and Section window and a basic understanding of the Epos™ database.

Who Should Attend:
Geoscientists interested in using log analysis, AVO attributes and Seismic Inversion to combine information from well data, and poststack and prestack seismic data for prospect identification


  • Reservoir Characterization Overview
  • Analyzing Well Data for Fluid Anomalies
    • The Effect of Fluid Content and Lithology on Elastic Wave Propagation
    • Analyzing Well Data for Fluid Anomalies (exercises)
  • Analyzing AVO Effects in Well and Seismic Data
    • AVO Theory
    • Analyzing AVO Effects in Well Data
    • Analyzing AVO Effects in Seismic Data
  • Analyzing Petrophysical Attributes of the Seismic (Seismic Inversion)
    • The Background Model
    • Calibrating the Wells and Obtaining Wavelets and Scale Factors
    • Preparing the Logs for Inversion: Editing and Fluid Substitution
    • Creating a Background Model
    • Generating Rock Property Volumes Using Prestack Maximum Likelihood Inversion (PMLI)
    • Inversion QC
  • Target Identification and Visualization
    • Displaying the Hydrocarbon Anomalies in 3D Canvas Using Crossplotting and Volume Rendering
    • Integrating the Results of Rock Property and AVO Analyses to Identify Targets              
    • Validating Potential Targets Using the Corrected Gather

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