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RMS - Property Modeling

This two-part course teaches about facies and petrophysical modeling in RMS.  Learn how to use the tools to produce the desired results. The parts can be taken separately or together.
2-3 days for both parts of the course
The RMS Introduction course
Who should attend:
This course is designed for reservoir engineers and geoscientists.

Advanced Facies Modeling

  • Property Modeling in RMS
  • Data Trends and Statistics
  • Facies Modeling Techniques
  • General Concepts
  • Facies Indicators
  • Facies Belts
  • Facies Composite
  • Channels NGOM
  • Facies Channels
  • Facies MPS
  • Facies SEDSEIS 
Advanced Petrophysical Modeling
  • Introduction
  • Petrophysical Modeling
    • Session Objectives
    • Case 1: Shoreface and Fluvial Reservoirs
    • Case 2: Turbidite Reservoir, Porosity Intrabody Trends

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