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SKUA-GOCAD - Data Analysis and Property Modeling

A rigorous and systematic analysis of reservoir data is key to the construction of a reliable reservoir model. In this two day course the student progresses through a series of comprehensive exercises to gain a practical approach to reservoir data analysis and stochastic property modeling. The course teaches how to use the  Data Trend Analysis workflow and the Reservoir Properties workflow to create robust and realistic 3D models of the lithology, porosity and permeability. This is followed by reservoir volumes computation and post-processing.
2 days

  • A background in geosciences is required.
  • Attending the Modeling Reservoir Architecture Using SKUA class.
  • Optional: Complete the courses available in Online University under SKUA-GOCAD > Reservoir Characterization

 Who Should Attend:
Geoscientists and Engineers

  • Introduction to Data Analysis and Property Modeling
  • Raw Data Analysis
  • Discrete Property Modeling
  • Continuous Property Modeling
  • Reservoir Volume Computations and Post-Processing

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