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SKUA-GOCAD - Programming in SKUA-GOCAD Developer Kit Framework

Programming in GOCAD Developer Kit Framework

Gain an understanding of the basics for configuring your development environment and understanding the GOCAD  Development Kit framework.

GOCAD is designed to support proprietary development. This introductory course is the foundation for all other GOCAD Development training and is essential if students want to attend any other modular training.

3 days

Experience in C++ required. Introduction to GOCAD® Base Module is recommended

Who should attend?
This course is designed for computer scientists who would like to get started in the exciting arena of programming GOCAD.


  • Creating a plugin and configuring environment (Windows and Unix)
  • Programming with CLI (Command Language Interface)
  • Using API (Application Programming Interface) of Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Introduction to GOCAD Suite objects (GObj) and their capacities
    • Geometrical classes
    • Regions and properties
    • Archives and ASCII files
    • Coordinate System
  • Overview of SKUA objects
  • Introduction to Macro Commands

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