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SKUA-GOCAD - Modeling Reservoir Architecture using SKUA

This course teaches students how to use SKUA’s unique technology to create geologically accurate structural models, geologic grids and flow simulation grids, regardless of the structural complexity of the reservoir. 

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to SKUA technology
  • Defining the geologic information for reservoir modeling
  • Building a 3D structural model
  • Building a geologic grid architecture
  • Building a flow simulation grid architecture

3 days


  • Background in geosciences
  • Working knowledge of the operating system you are using for the course.
  • Completion of the Fundamentals of SKUA-GOCAD  training course or completion of the following eLearning courses available on Paradigm Online University > Online Training >SKUA-GOCAD Subsurface Modeling > Getting Started:
    • Creating a Project and Importing Data in SKUA-GOCAD
    • Navigating the User Interface and Managing Your Data in SKUA-GOCAD 

Who Should Attend:
Geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers interested in using SKUA technology to model reservoirs.


  • SKUA Quick Start
    • Modeling Reservoirs Using SKUA Workflows
    • Building a Structural Model
    • Building a Geologic Grid and Property Modeling
    • Building a Flow Simulation Grid
    • Upscaling Properties to the Flow Simulation Grid
  • Data Preparation
    • Global Data Preparation Process and Definitions
    • Defining Geologic Features
    • Building a Stratigraphy Column
    • Defining Stratigraphy along Wells
  • Structure and Stratigraphy Modeling
    • SKUA Volumetric Approach
    • Preparing the Data and Defining the Volume of Interest
    • Modeling the Fault Network and Fault Blocks
    • Modeling Horizons
    • Modeling the Geologic Grid
  • Flow Simulation Grid Modeling
    • About Flow Simulation Grids in SKUA
    • Building a Flow Simulation Grid and Editing the Cell Alignment
    • Creating a Non-Uniform Gridding Using Tartan
  • Updating a SKUA Model
  • Case Studies
    • Garfield: Modeling an Unconformity
      • Preparing the Data
      • Modeling the Faults and Horizons
      • Using the Well Stratigraphy
      • Building the Geologic Grid and Flow Simulation Grid
    • Bonnie: Modeling an Extensive Environment
      • Geological Context
      • Dataset
      • Summary

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