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SeisEarth - Multi-Survey (2D/3D) Interpretation

The course follows a typical interpretation workflow. Learn to:

  • QC the SeisEarth dataset using the database managers, and examine the data in Integrated Canvas.
  • Calibrate the wells to the corrected seismic data.
  • Perform structural interpretation of target features, including faults and horizons.
  • View your interpreted data, using the visualization tools in 3D Canvas, to examine and interpret target stratigraphic features.
  • Create fault outlines and map boundaries, and then a multi-survey map, with contours, fault heave symbols and more. You will also extract attributes along horizons and make plots of the maps.

4 Days

Who Should Attend:
New SeisEarth users, Interpreters


  • Data QC
    • SeisEarth Dataset Review
    • Integrated Canvas Overview
    • Page Layout and Toolbar Customization
    • Seismic Data Visualization
    • Well Data Visualization
  • Data Correction
    • Well to Seismic Calibration
  • Structural Interpretation
    • Fault Interpretation
    • Horizon Interpretation
  • Stratigraphic Interpretation
    • Volume Visualization
    • Volume Flattening
    • Volume Interpretation
  • Mapping
    • Gridding and Contouring
    • Extracting Attributes along Horizons
    • Plotting
  • Additional Exercises
    • Culture Data Visualization
    • Seismic Mis-tie analysis and Correction
    • Working with Unassigned Faults
    • 2D Propagator
    • Fault-Horizon Contacts
    • Calculating Volumetrics

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