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StratEarth - Introduction to Well Correlation

This course introduces StratEarth as part of an integrated solution for well correlation.  In this course, students progress through a typical geological workflow: After a quick overview of Epos applications and utilities, they learn how to prepare and activate well data prior to well correlation. They are then introduced to two different approaches to well correlation in StratEarth: Simple correlation, when stratigraphic units are conformable, and correlation in complex settings using a stratigraphic column. Lastly, students use BaseMap and 3D Canvas capabilities for visualization, mapping and volumetric computation to QC and review their results.

3 days


  • A background in geology or geophysics is required.
  • Complete the following courses available in Paradigm Online University:
    StratEarth > Working with Well Track Templates in Vertical Sections in StratEarth
    StratEarth > Well Correlation in StratEarth
    StratEarth > Using Cross Sections for Geologic Interpretation in StratEarth

Who should attend?
This course is designed for geologists, geoscientists, engineers, and other technical staff who are interested in performing well correlation in Epos.


  • Overview
  • Reviewing and Activating Well Data
  • Well Correlation in StratEarth
  • Creating Maps in BaseMap and 3D Canvas
  • Volumetrics and Deliverables

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