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QSI - Fluid Property Estimation Using AVO Analysis


This course teaches you how to:

  • Display well data using the Well Log window
  • Generate AVO log attributes using Synthetic Modeling
  • Analyze AVO attributes for fluid anomalies using crossplotting tools
  • Generate AVO attribute seismic volumes and angle stacks using AVO inversion
  • Analyze AVO attribute volumes using volume crossplotting
  • Analyze prestack data for AVO indicators, using AVO tools in 3D Canvas and 2D Canvas applications

This course is taught and guided by an instructor and uses short videos and hands-on exercises for self-paced learning.  Videos are available during and after the course through Online University.

1-1/2 days

A basic understanding of prestack seismic data.  Familiarity with 3D Canvas, Well Log Window and Section window and a basic understanding of the Epos™ database.

Who Should Attend:
Geoscientists interested in analyzing AVO effects on prestack seismic and log data to identify hydrocarbon prospects.


  • Introduction to Rock Properties and Elastic Moduli
  • AVO Analysis Using Well and Seismic Data
    • Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO)
    • Analyzing AVO Effects in Well Data  
    • Analyzing AVO Effects in Seismic Data

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